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TOUR PERIOD: 1/1/2023 - 30/11/2030
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Turkish bath hammam in Alanya : Current prices and excursion description

  • Enjoy traditional spa treatments when you visit a hammam. The Turkish bath is famous for promoting long life and health. It also lets you learn about Turkey's old history, culture, and customs. For the best results, you should go to the hammam at the start of your holiday. This will prepare your skin for sunbathing and make you feel refreshed and relaxed after a long flight. You can go to the hammam on any day of your holiday and spend a few hours relaxing and getting your energy back. You'll feel good and happy for a long time after.
  • Check the current price and detailed program on our website. Book the trip today and pay on the bus. We made sure our trips are not only interesting but also comfortable. The price includes transfers from hotels in Mahmutlar, Avsallar, Konakli, Okurcalar, Incekum, Turkler, Kestel, Tosmur, Kargicak, Alanya, Payallar, Oba. Enjoy your vacation with us.

Tour program

  • Collecting tourists from hotels in different areas (After your booking is confirmed, the exact pickup time will be added to your electronic ticket.)
  • Time in the hammam (1.5 - 2 hours)
  • Visit to the sauna (10 minutes)
  • Visit to the steam bath (10 minutes)
  • Peeling (10 minutes)
  • Foam massage (10 minutes)
  • Aroma massage (20 minutes)
  • Going back to the hotels (2.5 - 3 hours after gathering)

More about the tour

  • Our tour starts every hour from 9:00 in the morning to the evening. You choose the time you want to go. We'll pick you up from the security gate of your hotel and take you to the hammam (a traditional bath).
  • When you arrive, friendly staff at the hammam will greet you. A manager will take you to a changing room. Here, you can change your clothes. They will give you a key to a locker. You can put your things in this locker. They'll also give you a towel or sheet and special shoes. After that, they will explain to you about the bath and any extra services.
  • First, you'll go to a sauna. You can stay here as long as you like. This will help you warm up and relax.
  • Next, you'll go to a steam room. Again, you can spend as much time as you want here. The steam will make every part of your body feel warm and relaxed. It also helps to clean out any bad stuff from your skin.
  • After that, someone will scrub your skin with a special mitt called Kese. This takes 10 minutes. It helps remove dead skin.
  • Then, you'll get a foam massage. This is very relaxing and lasts for 10 minutes.
  • After the foam massage, you'll get a classic massage using natural oils. This takes 20 minutes. The oils are good for your skin. They make it feel soft and look shiny and healthy.
  • You'll spend about 2 - 2.5 hours at the SPA. After that, a bus will take you back to your hotel.

Included in the price

  • Transfer to and from the hotel
  • Insurance
  • Visit to the sauna (10 minutes)
  • Visit to the steam bath (10 minutes)
  • Peeling (10 minutes)
  • Foam massage (10 minutes)
  • Aroma massage (20 minutes)

Not included in the price

  • Personal expenses (like photos, souvenirs etc).
  • Extra services.

Please bring

  • Camera, water
  • Towel, swimsuit
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses
  • Money for personal spending


  • Distance from Okurcalar to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Incekum to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Avsallar to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Turkler to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Konakli to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Alanya Center to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Oba to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Tosmur to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Kestel to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes
  • Distance from Mahmutlar to hamam: 20 km - 20 minutes

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Important Information

Early booking discounts

  • Book early!
  • Book this tour at least 7 days before the trip starts and get a 4% discount.
  • Book this tour at least 30 days before the trip starts and get a 5% discount.

Extra Information

  • Children who join the tour for free do not get separate seats on the bus. They share seats with adults (sit on their laps).
  • If you want your child to have a separate seat on the bus, book them as a paid child during the reservation.

Things to do

Turkish Bath

  • A Hammam is a public Turkish bath. Both locals and tourists love to visit it. They go there to relax and enjoy traditional treatments that help keep their health, beauty, and youth. It's also a great chance to learn about Turkish culture, history, and the way of life of its people.

What Happens During the Visit

  • When guests arrive, they are guided to the changing room. Here, they are given a bracelet with a locker key, slippers, and a cotton sheet or towel. Personal belongings can be kept in the locker.
  • In the eastern bath, being naked is not okay. So, even if women wear swimsuits, they can wrap themselves with the sheet. Men can wrap the towel around their waists.
  • Next, you will have a couple of hours of pure relaxation. In the Hammam, guests don't wash themselves. Instead, trust the skilled hands of the bath attendant. They will take care of you, following the traditional Turkish bath rituals.
  • The first room guests visit is the steam room. Here, the humidity is often 100%, and the air temperature ranges from +35°C to +55°C. Thick steam covers your body, helping to relax muscles, calm the nervous system, and open up skin pores. When you sweat, harmful toxins are removed from the body. You'll feel your fatigue go away, replaced by a feeling of lightness and peace. People often say the Hammam cleans not just the body but also the soul.
  • In the center of the steam room, there is a warm marble stone. It is sometimes called the "belly stone". Why? It's suggested to lie on this stone on your stomach. This way, not only your muscles but also your internal organs get warmed up.
  • Once your body and skin are well steamed, the bath attendant starts the next step: cleansing.
  • Your body is scrubbed using a special Turkish mitt called 'kese'.
  • The 'kese' mitt is made from natural materials like silk threads, loofah, rough sheep, or camel wool. The mitt looks like a bag that slips over the hand. It feels soft when dry but gets rougher when wet. It's excellent for removing dead and rough skin patches.
  • After that, you'll get a more pleasant treatment: massages with foam and natural oils.
  • Many people say that a soap foam massage feels heavenly. This massage relaxes the body and hydrates the skin.
  • The bath attendant dissolves a piece of olive soap in hot water. Then, they dip a cotton bag, known as 'kopuk torbasi', into this mixture to make foam. They squeeze this bag over the guest, covering the body with a cloud of foam. With skilled moves, they massage the whole body, focusing on each muscle.
  • The next step is to enrich and moisturize the skin using natural essential oils. After this treatment, the skin feels firm and radiant.
  • In the end, guests go to the relaxation room, where they can enjoy a tasty herbal tea.

When should you visit a hammam?

  • Beauty experts suggest visiting the hammam in the first days of your holiday. This is a good idea.
  • First, the traditional treatments will get your skin ready for sunbathing. Clean and smooth skin will tan evenly and look beautiful. Also, the tan will last longer.
  • Second, a hammam is not just for cleaning and spa. In the Turkish bath, people relax, drink tea, and chat. It's what you need after a plane ride.
  • We say: don’t just go on the first days! Visit the Turkish bath whenever you want. It won't take much time, just a couple of hours. And you'll feel good and remember the fun time for a while.

The history of the hammam

  • The story of the Turkish bath goes way back. It started with Roman baths.
  • In old times, people could spend almost a whole day in these baths. They celebrated, relaxed, women did beauty treatments, and men talked about important things.
  • During the Byzantine Empire, there was a doctor named Galen in a city called Pergam (its ruins are in modern-day Turkey). He believed that baths were good for health.
  • Arabs liked the Roman bath idea but changed it a bit. They added cool water showers instead of sitting in a tub. They thought this was like bathing in your own dirt.
  • The word "hammam" in Arabic means "spreading warmth".

How hammam buildings are designed

  • The hammam is different from other steam rooms, especially in building design and inside look.
  • Wood is never used in making a hammam. Only materials like stone and tiles that don’t absorb water are used.
  • Traditional Eastern bathhouses have big, bright rooms. The walls have detailed designs or patterns. The ceilings are high and dome-shaped. Some are 3 to 5 meters high.
  • It's interesting: the floor, walls, and marble slab in the steam room are all heated. Only the ceiling is cold. Water drops form on the ceiling and run down the walls.
  • Traditionally, a hammam is built like an open hand. The main room is surrounded by five other rooms. Each room has a different purpose and temperature.
  • Modern hammams often have a dressing room, a steam room with a marble slab in the center, and a relaxation room.
  • The relaxation room might have comfy sofas, chairs, a pool, and a hot tub.
  • All the rooms are heated by one boiler. Thick steam comes into the rooms through special holes in the walls.

Unchangeable Attributes

  • Glove Keses: A Turkish scrub glove made from natural animal or plant materials. This glove is used for body scrubbing after steaming.
  • Peshtemal: A light cotton or linen towel wrapped around the body. It soaks up moisture well and you hardly feel it on. Though there are many colors, red and blue checks are classic.
  • Natural Olive Soap Sabun: Handmade soap that moisturizes the skin nicely. It's used after scrubbing. This olive soap doesn’t irritate the skin and is good for washing both body and hair. While making it, they sometimes add other plant ingredients to improve the soap.
  • Cotton Bag for Foam: Kopuk Torbasi.